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Alpha Life Enrichment Center, Inc. (ALEC) , is a local non-profit based in Beaufort County, NC, and has been in serving the community for over 30 years. We focus on community engagement and activism, encouraging healthier lifestyles, and encouraging making Eastern NC a great place to live for all! Our work consists of educational programs with goals of incorporating these initiatives into everyday life. Throughout the year we hold voter registrations, assist with building urban gardens, farmer markets, host healthy active classes and many other activities!


Mission Statement: ALEC exists to better the world around us and our goal is to reach and serve as many community members as possible through outreach and assistance. We operate with a committed team of kind hearts who are of the Eastern NC area and knows its potential. We provide aid of all kinds from storm relief essentials to Covid Protection and information. 

Goals: One focus for the beginning of the decade is to educate the community on ways to decrease obesity within the youth and adult population and to promote a healthier lifestyle to combat
this epidemic in Beaufort County.  Connect with us to become involved!

Meet the Team

bill booth.png

Bill Booth

Founder & CEO

Bill Booth is an alumnus of Saint Augustine’s College (University). He graduated as a Magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Social Welfare. He also has earned a Law Enforcement Certification from the North Carolina Department Probation and Parole. He also holds a commercial driver license which will be beneficial for hands on assistance within ALEC and the cannery. Bill has owned and operated restaurants serving 150-200 customers a day, owned and operated daycare and after-school programs, as well as Owned/Operated gardening and landscaping business. Bill also earned Small Farmer of the Year 2017 from the Downeast Fresh Farmers Co-op. Bill hopes to use his entrepreneurial and farming background to his advantage as he leads ALEC.

Rob Booth.jpg

Rob Booth

Executive Diretor

Marian P Booth.jpg

Marian P Booth

Program Coordinator

Much like the rest of his family, Robert has found his niche and diversified his skills in and outside of the agricultural field. He serves our founder as a farm assistant and program volunteer. He is a graduate of Winston Salem State University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Business. Robert is also an experienced entrepreneur, a recent new member of the NC Wildlife Commission Board,  and he currently is working in property development in his hometown, Washington NC. 

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